Save up to 90% on Generic & Brand Name Prescriptions at Neighborhood Pharmacies

NO Costs, 

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Our USA Free Rx Prescription Medication Discount Cards are Free to Print, Free to Request & Free to Use!


We want to give everyone in the United States our USA Free Rx Discount Card, which can save up to 90% on their Generic & Brand Name Prescription Medications, at any of our 63,000 Participating Pharmacies Nationwide!


That is Millions & Millions of people WITHOUT Prescription Coverage!


Millions with Coverage that does NOT cover Brand Name Prescriptions!


Millions of Seniors who have NOT chosen a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan!


Millions of Seniors with Medicare and in the Part D "Donut-Hole" scenario, paying Out-of-Pocket!


Millions with Medicare, Medicaid or Coverage and paying HIGH Co-Pays!


Even if you have signed up for the Affordable Care Act (ACA); the ACA will only be required to cover at least one drug in every category and class in the U.S. Pharmacopeia, the official list of approved medicines. 


That means most Generic & Brand Name Prescription Medications will not be covered and using our USA Free Rx Discount Card will be a huge blessing in disguise for everyone.

Our USA Free Rx Discount Cards are Really Easy to Use:


NO Claim Forms

NO Waiting Periods

NO Age Restrictions

NO Pre-Existing Clauses

NO Income Requirements

NO Annual or Lifetime  Limits

NO Personal Information Required


Just click on the "PRINT Our USA Free Rx Discount Card" Link and take it to a Local Participating Pharmacy.


It's That Simple!


If you do NOT have a printer available, please click on the "NO Printer Available" link, to request our USA Free Rx Discount Cards to be mailed directly to you. 

The  USA  Free  Rx  Prescription  Discount  Card  is  Not  Insurance,  Not  Intended  to be used  as  a  Substitute  for  Insurance  and  is  Not  a  Credible  Medicare  Prescription  Drug  Plan.


Discounts  are  Only  Available  at  Participating  Pharmacies.  We  Do  Not  Collect your  Personal  Information;  as  we  Respect  your  Privacy.

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