Major City Manager Opportunity:

How Would You Like To Have An Exclusive Major City Territory And Receive A Commission Every Time Someone Uses Your USA Free Rx Discount Card And Saves Up To 90% On Their Generic & Brand Name Prescription Medications At Local Neighborhood Pharmacies, Month-After-Month & Year-After-Year?!?!?


Join Us Now To Be Part Of A Trillion Dollar Industry!

  • No Selling - Just Give Away Our USA Free Rx Discount Cards
  • The Easiest Turn-Key Home Based Business
  • Part-Time Leading To A Full-Time Career
  • Over 65,000 Participating Pharmacies Nationwide
  • We Provide All The Tools & Support To Be Successful
  • We Provide All The Rx Knowledge To Be Successful
  • We Pay The Highest Residual Commissions

The USA Free Rx Discount Card Company:

  • We Have Been In Business For Over Six (6) Years

  • We Are A 100% American Owned, Nevada Based Company

  • We Are Not A Multi-Level-Marketing (M.L.M.) Company


Our Company Is Based On One (1) Simple Philosophy:


To Give Everyone Taking Generic & Brand-Name Prescription Medications Our USA Free Rx Discount Card, To Save Them Up To 90% Each And Every Month! 

What Our USA Free Rx Discount Card Offers:

Our USA Free Rx Discount Card is Free to use at over 65,000 Participating Pharmacies Nationwide, in all 50 states; including Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 


  • No Cost

  • No Catch

  • No Gimmick

  • Never Expires

  • National Average Saving of 39%

  • Over 87% of all Pharmacies Nationwide are Participating

  • Discounts up to 90% on Generic & Brand Name Prescription Medications

  • No Personal Information Required  (No First Name or Last Name Needed)

  • No Registration Needed / No Sign-Up Required

  • Rx Discount Cards are Active & Ready to Use

Who Needs Our USA Free Rx Discount Card:

  • Millions Without Prescription Coverage & Paying Full Retail Price 

  • Millions Signed up for the American Care Act (ACA) / Obama Care

  • Millions With Prescription Coverage & Paying Co-Pays Per Prescription

  • Millions Using Other Rx Discount Card – We Have The Largest Discounts

  • Millions With Coverage & Paying Full Price For Brand Name Medications

  • Millions Of Seniors On Medicare Who Do Not Have A Prescription Drug Plan

  • Millions On Medicare & In The “Donut-Hole” Scenario(paying out-of-pocket)

Prescription Medication Use:

A review of the use of Medicines in the United States in 2014, found that the "Total dollars spent on medications reached $329.2 billion last year, up 3.2 percent on a nominal basis & a rebound from the 1.0 percent decline in 2013".


“The National Average of Prescription Medications Seniors take on a Monthly Basis, is Between Seven (7) and Eight (8) DIFFERENT Prescription Medications.” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.).


BILLIONS of Prescription Medications taken daily are called “Maintenance Medications”, which are prescribed for chronic, long-term conditions.  


A List of Chronic, Long-Term Conditions using "Maintenance Medications":


Acid Reflux,   Acne,   ADD/ADHD,   Addiction,   Aging,   AIDS/HIV,   Alcohol Dependence,   Allergies,   Alzheimer's,   Anemia,   Anorexia,   Anxiety, Appendicitis,   Arthritis,   Asthma,    Autism,   Birth Control,    Bipolar Disease, Blood Modifiers,    Blood Pressure,    Blood Thinners,    Bone Tumors,  Cancer, Celiac Disease,  Cervical Cancer,  Chlamydia,   Constipation,  Crohn’s Disease, Cystic Fibrosis,  Depression,  Diabetes,  Diuretics,  Enlarged Prostate,  Erectile Dysfunction,   Fibromyalgia,   High Cholesterol,   Heart Burn,   Heart Disease, Hormone Replacement,   Hypertension,   Immune Disorders,   Infections, Inflammation,    Irritable Bowel Syndrome,    Kidney Disease,  Leukemia,  Liver Failure,   Lung Cancer,   Lupus,   Lyme Disease,   Macular Degeneration, Melanoma,  Memory Loss,  Meningitis,  Menopause,  Nail Fungus,  Neuropathy, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,   Obesity,   Osteoporosis,   Overactive Bladder, Pancreatic Enzymes,   Pain,    Parkinson’s,    Seizures,    Skin Disease,   Ulcers.


Plus 1,000’s Other Conditions & Illnesses Needing "Maintenance Medications"!


What Does Maintenance Medications Mean For Our Major City Managers:

When someone walks into a Participating Pharmacy with seven (7) Rx Prescriptions, you have seven (7) opportunities to receive a commission!  You receive a commission for each Prescription that is discounted - Versus Per Visit.


People are taking “Maintenance Medications” every single day and you will receive a residual commission every time they refill their Rx Prescription, Month-After-Month & Year-After-Year.

Major City Manager Opportunity:

Our Major City Manager Opportunity  is the easiest Turn-Key Home Based Business, as we provide you with everything you need to be successful. 


        Included in your "Major City Manager Opportunity":

  • Exclusive Major City Territory 

  • Rx Discount Cards

  • Acrylic Brochure Holders                                       

  • Social Media Rx Discount Card JPGs   

  • Distribution & Rx Knowledge Guide                                

  • Company Support                                         

  • Custom Member ID#                              

  • Weekly Transaction Report

  • Month-To-Date Transaction Report                                     

  • Retirement Options

  • Bonus Referral Commission                               

Exclusive Major City Territory:        

As our Major City Manager, we guarantee we will not bring on-board another Major City Manager in your residing Major City Territory,  Period!



Rx Discount Cards:        

We have designed a professional and eye catching 4X6 postcard that has a cut-out Rx Discount Card.  They can be printed in English or Spanish. 


We call these our “Walking Billboards” as they answer the “What”, “Where” & “How To Use" questions concerning your Rx Discount Card.



Acrylic Brochure Holders:        

You will receive Acrylic Brochure Holders to place in high-traffic businesses



Social Media Rx Discount Card JPG:  

You will receive a JPG File in English & Spanish for emailing, faxing & posting on Social Media Websites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



Distribution & Rx Knowledge Guide:                     

We just don't throw you onto the streets, once you receive your Rx Discount Cards, as you will receive our One Hundred & Twenty (120) Page "Distribution & Rx Knowledge Guide".


Our "Distribution & Rx Knowledge Guide" will give you all the guidance, support, tools, training, rx knowledge and tons of proven & tested distribution avenues, so you won't stress about figuring out the "Where To” & “How To" distribute your Rx Discount Cards.


         Included in our "Distribution & Rx Knowledge Guide":

  • How & Where To Distribute Rx Discount Cards
  • How To Place Acrylic Card Holders In High-Traffic Businesses
  • How To Place Rx Discount Card On Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter etc.
  • How To Email Rx Discount Card To Family / Friends / Customers
  • Custom Designed Letters: Business Owners / HR Directors / Churches
  • Local Press Release: Radio Stations/TV Stations/Newspapers/Websites


Company Support:

Our door is Always open; we are here to help you become successful.



Custom Member ID#:            

Your Rx Discount Card Transactions are tracked by a custom Member ID# placed on your Rx Discount Cards.  



Weekly & Monthly Transaction Reports:                  

You will receive our “Weekly Transaction Report” and “Month-To-Date Transaction Report”, tracking your Transactions. 



Retirement Options:                          

Retire and receive “Lifetime Residual Commissions”.



Bonus Referral Commission:                          

Receive a "Bonus Commission" for referring Major City Manager's nationwide.


Receive a commission of $1.50 up to $2.00 for each Discounted, Approved and Commissioned Paid Transaction, every calendar month, based upon our "Progressive Commission Structure".


         Progressive Commission Structure:

  • $1.50  =  1 to 99        Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.55  =  100 to 199  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.60  =  200 to 299  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.65  =  300 to 399  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.70  =  400 to 499  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.75  =  500 to 599  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.80  =  600 to 699  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.85  =  700 to 799  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.90  =  800 to 899  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $1.95  =  900 to 999  Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month
  • $2.00  =  1,000  +      Commissioned Paid Transactions in a calendar month


          Monthly Commissions:

  •        50  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.50  =  $75         per month
  •      100  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.55  =  $155       per month
  •      200  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.60  =  $320       per month
  •      300  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.65  =  $495       per month
  •      400  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.70  =  $680       per month
  •      500  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.75  =  $875       per month
  •      600  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.80  =  $1,080    per month
  •      700  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.85  =  $1,295    per month
  •      800  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.90  =  $1,520    per month
  •      900  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $1.95  =  $1,755    per month
  •   1,000  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $2.00  =  $2,000    per month 
  •   2,500  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $2.00  =  $5,000    per month
  •   5,000  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $2.00  =  $10,000  per month
  •   7,500  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $2.00  =  $15,000  per month
  • 10,000  Commissioned Paid Transactions  @  $2.00   $20,000  per month

Major City Manager Start-Up Packages:

There Are Three (3) "Start-Up Packages" Available;

  1.  $  99.00  for  1,000  Rx Discount Cards  &  10  Acrylic Brochure Holders
  2.  $149.00  for  2,500  Rx Discount Cards  &  25  Acrylic Brochure Holders
  3.  $199.00  for  5,000  Rx Discount Cards  &  50  Acrylic Brochure Holders


All Three (3) "Start-Up Packages" Include;          

  •  Rx Discount Cards  –  (Shipping Included)
  •  Acrylic Brochure Holders  –  (Shipping Included)
  •  Distribution & Rx Knowledge Guide
  •  Social Media JPGs, Files, Forms & Letters
  •  Graphic Design Fee 
  •  Administration Set-Up Fee

Administration Fee:

An "Administration Fee" of $50.00 will be invoiced every six (6) months, in January and July, of each calendar year.  


Your first (1st) "Administration Fee" will be invoiced six (6) months after signing your Major City Manager Agreement; thus giving you plenty of time to generate hundreds of transactions.


The "Administration Fee" pays for;           

  • Company Support
  • Weekly Transaction Reports
  • Monthly Commission Reports
  • Monthly Commission Check
  • Company Voice Mail Follow-Up
  • Company Email Address Follow-Up                                                              (we reply to your Rx Discount Card user's emails & voice mails questions or concerns, so you can focus on distributing your Rx Discount Cards)

Ready -- Set -- Go:




(1)  Click on the "Major City Manager Email Form" below, fill out and click "Send Form"; this will alert us to contact you about your questions.






(1)  Click below to download/print the "IRS W-9 Form"


(2)  Fill out completely  (this information allows us to create your Agreement)


(3)  Fax to (866) 387-7696 or email to


(4)  Click on the "Major City Manager Email Form" below


(5)  Fill Out Form and click "Send Form" to let us know you are faxing/emailing your completed "IRS W-9 Form".



This will alert us to start looking for your fax/email; sometimes, as technology is not everyone's best friend.  :)


We will then create your "Major City Manager Agreement" and email to you within twenty-four (24) hours to review, sign and return to us.

Steven Schindler

Founder & Owner   


(866) 387-7696  Phone

(866) 387-7696  Fax                      

USA Free Rx Discount Card
10001 Peace Way
Suite 2185
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147


Phone:  (866) 387-7696

Fax: (866) 387-7696

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