F.A.Q. -- (Frequently Asked Questions):

What can your “USA Free Rx Discount Card" do for me?

The USA Free Rx Discount Card is a Prescription Medication Discount Card that can save you up to 90% on your Generic & Brand Name Prescription Medications; thus putting more of your hard-earned cash back into your pocket.


It’s FREE to Print, FREE to Request and FREE to Use!


Can you guarantee me a discount?



We wish we could, but one thing is for sure; you will never know unless you try.  If we are not able to generate a discount for your prescription medications, it didn’t cost you a Single Red Penny!


Many Generic & Brand Name Prescription Medications on the market today, are NOT discountable.


If you do not have prescription coverage, you should most always receive a discount on Brand Name Medications. 


With low-cost Generic Medications on the market today, like Walmart’s $4.00 Prescription Program, no additional discounts are available as they are already deeply discounted.


Why can't you tell me what the discounted price would be before I go to my pharmacy?

Unfortunately, we do not have a specific list for medication costs using our Rx Discount Card, due to costs vary from each participating pharmacy.

If you were to visit three (3) different local participating pharmacies, you would actually receive three (3) different prices for your prescription medications.
This is the exact same principle of why three different gas stations can charge different prices for the same gasoline, as prescription medications are bought and sold the sameexact way.
Your final cost is based on our negotiated discount agreement, their retail price, their volume purchasing of medications from the pharmaceutical companies and your local/state taxes.


The only way to find out the exact discounted and final cost on your prescription medication, is to take our "USA Free Rx Discount Card" directly to local participating pharmacies, hand it to the pharmacy employee and ask them what the discount and final cost would be on your medication(s).

I would recommend visiting multiple local participating pharmacies, if you are concerned about receiving the lowest discounted price for your prescription medication(s).  

I also do not know if you have Medicaid, Medicare or any type of insurance or prescription coverage/co-pays, as that would also play a role in determining what your discount/final costs would be, if any.
The participating pharmacy employee will determine those factors once you hand them our Rx Discount Card.

Why would my pharmacy allow me to use your Rx Discount Card?  Aren't they losing money?

Pharmacies are a “For-Profit” businesses in America.  They discount their prescription medications the same reason why fast food chains offers Buy-One-Get-One free coupons.


These coupons brings you into their fast food chain, spending your money with them, as they understand and realize that 99% of the people purchase more food than the Buy-One-Get-One free coupon you are using.


Same concept applies in pharmacies.  They know that most people don’t have all of the free time in the world to drive to three (3) different stores to take care of their shopping needs anymore.


This is why most grocery store chains now have a pharmacy, gas station, bank and post office, so they can take care of ALL of your needs in a One-Stop-Shop scenario.


They realize how much money they have been losing, as they see people walk right out there doors WITHOUT filling their prescriptions, who do not have health insurance or prescription coverage and can’t afford their medications.


Our USA Free Rx Discount Card offers everyone the opportunity to save up to 90% and the pharmacy keeps a customer very happy by accepting our Rx Discount Card, BUT moreover, it keeps them in their store where they are going to spend more of their money on other products.


It’s all based upon Profit Margin. There are profit mark-ups on one prescription medication to be documented at 569,958%. Any business with that type of mark-up can afford to give you a discount up to 90% and still continue to be very profitable.


Pharmacies across the country; from large pharmacy chains, grocery stores, major mall pharmacies and independent pharmacies all want to provide you with the BEST customer service AND keep you spending your money in their stores! 


I recently signed up for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) / Obama Care, can I still use your Rx Discount Card?

Even if you have signed up for the Affordable Care Act (ACA); the ACA will only be required to cover at least one drug in every category and class in the U.S. Pharmacopeia, the official list of approved medicines. 


That means most Generic & Brand Name Prescription Medications will not be covered and using our USA Free Rx Discount Card will be a huge blessing in disguise for everyone.


I have Medicare and in the Part D “Donut-Hole” and I am paying Out-of-Pocket for my Prescriptions, can I still use your Rx Discount Card?



If you find yourself in the Medicare Part “D” Donut-Hole scenario and paying out-of-pocket for your prescription medications, you now have the opportunity to save money on your prescription medications.


Medicare Part “D” covers your costs until you reach the Donut-Hole scenario.  This is an area, depending on your Part “D” Prescription Drug Plan, where you are covered up to 100% of your Generic Prescription Medication costs and 50% of your Brand Named Prescription costs.


Recently, the Donut-Hole dollar amounts to where no Medicare coverage existed began at $2,840 and ended after you have spent more than $4,550 out-of-pocket on Prescription Medications.  Always check with Medicare’s Policies and Procedures; as we are Not an Insurance Plan and Not a credible Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. 


Also, check with the pharmacy employee, as they may be able to provide you with additional information.


I have Medicare and do not have a Prescription Drug Plan, can I still use your Rx Discount Card?



Always check with Medicare’s policies and procedures; as we are Not an Insurance Plan, nor a credible Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.  Also, check with the pharmacy employee, as they may be able to provide you with additional information.


I have Prescription Coverage and paying High Co-Pays, can I still use your Rx Discount Card?



If your Co-Pay is between $10.00 and $50.00, we may be able to help you, as your final cost using our USA Free Rx Discount Card, maybe less than your Co-Pay.


You will never know unless you try, so take our USA Free Rx Discount Card to one of our Local Neighborhood Participating Pharmacies; as it doesn’t cost you a Single Red Penny to see if any discounts are available!


I have Medicare/Prescription Coverage and it does not cover my Brand-Name Medications, can I still use your Rx Discount Card?



Medicare and many prescription coverage's do Not cover Brand-Name Medications, when a Generic Prescription Medication is Available; as many people Prefer to take Brand Name Medications versus the generic equivalent. 


If your prescription coverage or Medicare does Not cover your BrandName Medications, please take our USA Free Rx Discount Card to one (1) of our Participating Pharmacies, to see if a discount is available.


We have great success with people receiving discounts on Brand Name Medications, but there are NO guarantees, as certain Brand Name Prescription Medications are exempt from receiving any type of discount or the savings are very minimal.


Do I need to activate my Rx Discount Card?



It is active and no registration/phone call is needed or required!


If you have received or printed one of our USA Free Rx Discount Cards, it is ready to be used at any of our 63,000 Participating Pharmacies.


Is there an expiration date?



There is NO expiration date!  You & your family may use it as often as you like on Generic & Brand Name Prescription Medications.


Just make sure you present your USA Free Rx Discount Card each time you visit a Participating Pharmacy. 


Where can I use my Rx Discount Card?

We have partnered with over 65,000 pharmacies in all 50 states.
















 Drug mart 



 Fred Meyer 













 Longs Drugs



 Osco Drug








 Rite Aid



 Sam’s Club




 Shop’n Save 










 Tom Thumb








 Winn Dixie



Plus 1,000’s More Brand Name & Independent Owned Participating Pharmacies Across the Country.


Is the “USA Free Rx Discount Card” an Insurance Plan/Program?



There are No Pre-Existing Clauses, No Income Requirements, No Age Restrictions, No Claim Forms, No Annual/Lifetime Limits and No Personal Information Required! 


Our USA Free Rx Discount Cards are NOT ANY TYPE OF INSURANCE!


Does my Doctor - Physician - Dentist - Surgeon need to know I am going to use your Rx Discount Card?



The doctor who wrote your prescription has no bearing on which pharmacy you prefer to use.  Just take your prescriptions to any one of our 63,000 Participating Pharmacies nationwide.


Will you collect or sell my personal information?



We will never ask or collect any of your personal information for printing or using our USA Free Rx Discount Card.  


NO First or Last Name, NO Home Address, NO S.S.N., NO Phone Number or Email Address. The ONLY time we would ask for your information, is when you would like to have our USA Free Rx Discount Cards mailed to you by the United States Post Office.


Can I give my family, friends & co-workers your Rx Discount Card?



You may send all your friends directly to this website to print our USA Free Rx Discount Cards.


(A Great Free gift to give when you mail all of your holiday cards!)


All of your family, friends, co-workers, church groups, networking meetings, card groups, clubs and many other can benefit from using our USA Free Rx Discount Card.


Your entire household can use the same USA Free Rx Discount Card or you can print/ request additional USA Free Rx Discount Cards and hand them out next time you see them.


My pet was prescribed human medications; can I use your Rx Discount Card?



If your four-legged family member was prescribed Human Prescription Medications, just take the prescription to a Local Participating Pharmacy and use your USA Free Rx Discount Card.


In today’s world, animals are prescribed Human Prescription Medications for Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Infection and Pain Medications; including many other illnesses.


As of 05/2016, Walmart no longer accepts Rx Discount Cards for human medications prescribed for animals/pets.


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